Legal Wear

Court shirts

Made to measure and crafted from Egyptian cotton or Poplin stretch fabrics, our court shirts are tailored to provide the ultimate comfort, fit and durability.

Our court shirt is made to your exact specifications, including:

  • Barrister collar whether sewn in or detachable
  • A range of cuff style
  • A classic straight cut or a slim cut.
Legal Court Shirt with wing collar
Our Fabrics

Egyptian Cotton &
Poplin Stretch

Lightweight & breathable

Wing collar shirt
Wing collar
Band collar shirt
Band collar
Detachable wing collar
Detachable wing collar

Barrister collar

How do you like your barrister collar? Sewn in your court shirt or detachable to be used with a band collar shirt?

The White Shirt Gentlemen offers both styles. Some people prefer their shirts with the barrister collar in one piece. Some like the convienience of choosing a different color fabrics for the shirt part and attach a wing collar using a pair of studs.

The detachable wing collar is made using the same high quality Egyptian cotton and features the same high quality finish as the court shirt.

Court collar studs

These are traditional british-made collar studs with swivel heads for attaching detachable wing collars to the neckband of shirts.

Our studs are sold in pairs. One short stud for the back of the collar and one long for the front to attach all four layers of neckband and collar.

Studs pair
(Long and short)

Barrister bands

Our Barrister bands comes in two length: 17cm & 21cm.

It comes with a herringbone cotton tape neckband long enough to be adjusted to fit you best.

Barrister band on mannequin and gown

Cuff style

We offer 9 different cuff styles with buttons or cufflinks – from single button round cuff to the James Bond cuff.

Barrister gown

We know the importance of wearing proper custom-fitted, quality gown to mark an academic accomplishment or to maintain a professional appearance in court. We are proudly presenting our highest quality barrister gown.

Our lightweight gown is made of twill weave polyester and features a traditional barrister’s gown design.

It is machine washable and ready to wear with only minor maintenance.

The gown has button details, shoulder tab, and pleated sleeves. The fully fluted pleats rear of the gown produce a sumptuous and rich look of elegance, tradition and style.


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